Young Tiger Trapped In Controversy!

Twitter is one of the most happening web sites now a days. Due to this Pandemic outbreak a lot much activity is happening on social media and any step trembled becomes a headline very soon.

The latest news on social media is that the most happening hero Young Tiger NTR was dragged into a controversy without any of his involvance. Few of his overenthusiastic fans abused Meera Chopra for not talking about NTR in her recent fan interaction on Twitter. As the matter went out of hands she reported on this to the Cyber crime officers.

She reportedly mentioned in her post the hero Jr. NTR must apologize to her for the ill behavior of his so called fans. This soon has become news in national websites. This incident freakishly became a big news within the span of 24 hours. Few of NTR fans feel that this is a planned controversy and someone is intentionally targeting Young Tiger NTR as he is about to get recognized nationally soon with pan India release of his upcoming movie RRR.

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