RGV be the torchbearer to the film industry?

RGV torchbearer to the film industry!?

While the film industry is suffering the Pandemic consequences, the maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has released his movie ‘Climax’ movie online and receiving profits too.

It is evident that many ace directors are  unaware how to make profit with their movies without Theatres being opened, as the government decision on reopening the cinema theaters is still uncertain. Tollywood’s ace director Rajamouli is one of the directors worries about their movie release. As we all know his magnum opus RRR is a high budget movie and any other any other alternative to theatrical release will not reach the profit they expect out of the project.

But now, RGV has areanged a online theater ‘RGV world theatres’ in ShreyasET app and costed 100₹ per view for the movie ‘Climax’. With the profit he received that way, he is even planning to release his new movie ‘Nagnam’ in RGV world theaters and will cast 200₹ per view this time.

This is actually a good idea for the times like this but RGV’s budget is very less when compared to the legendary director Rajamouli. And Tollywood’s Jakkanna might not be ready to chuck off the traditional movie release and go for this method. Maybe at least not with this biggie. But this is an inspiring idea to the smaller budget film makers.

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