Who Will Take Up Sushant’s Dream Project?

Bollywood is still recovering from the star Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden dismise. On the other hand, there is a havoc created by the netizens and few other stars blaming Nepotism in Bollywood for Sushant’s suicide.

Meanwhile there is another news blasting the social media recently. The director Sandeep Singh has tweet about Sushant’s dream project after few days from the incident. There is a movie called ‘Vande Bhaaratham’ which Sushant Singh wanted to do but unfortunately he feft the world with many things incomplete. The director claimed that the actor was very interested in that script and it was in pipeline since 3 years.

Now, the director is considering three young actors Vicky Kaushal, Aayushman Khurrana and Rajkumaar Rao to take forward the project. So, everyone is eager to know who will be finalized for Late Sushant’s dream project.

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