What Is Allu Sirish’s Birthday Wish?

Our Allu Sirish is always active and entertaining on his Instagram. He is actively taking part in spreading awareness on Coronavirus since the lockdown has begun. He is aware that everyone is as bored as his staying home he chose to troll Coronavirus on his posts. All his trolls are very funny and entertaining. They also spread awareness on Social distancing and isolation at the same time. Do check his Instagram account to enjoy the creative trolls on this frustrating COVID-19 situation.

We all know that Sirish’s birthday is upcoming. You wanna know what his birthday wish is? This young hero trolls the present situation by posting a picture on Instagram saying he would sing “Go Corona Go” on his birthday which is on 30th May and would pray for the lockdown to end. Haha, but seriously, let’s prey for his birthday wish to come true!

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