Were these Suriya’s films prophetic?

When the world suffers Coronavirus pandemic, India suffers another typical attack. Yes, if you guys followed news today, India is been invaded by tons of Locusts at once today. A large number of Locusts immigrated form Pakistan and now feasting on farms in North India. As already people here are suffering increasing Corona cases, this Locusts attack seems very horrifying and mysterious. Well, it is said that it has happened in the history, but it is completely new for our generations.

Though these situations never happen in the times we knew, don’t they ring a bell to you? Yes, a similar situations and pandemics were shown to us in hero Suriya’s movies ‘7th sense’ and ‘Bandobast’. It is true that Suriya takes up interesting sci-fic stories and successfully blow our minds. Just that way, he happens to cover a issue of a dangerous virus spill which kills thousands of people in the movie 7th Sense and interestingly, his another movie, Bandobasth is on the Locusts attacking agricultural fields which is exactly happening now. Is it a Prophetic? Or is it a coincidence? We never know. But, Suriya fans are bombarding social media with memes and scenes from his movies referring the present havoc in the country.

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