Vikram does life risking stunts for his next!

Vikram does life risking stunts for his next movie

Hero Vikram is one star hero who would do anything for the movies. He is one ace actor who can camouflage like a cameline into role he plays in the film. We have seen his absolutely jaw dropping performance in the film ‘Aparichithudu’.

It is known that Vikram is busy with his next movie Cobra and it is heard that he has done few life risking stunts for the movie. The director actually wanted to do the scene with a dupe but the hero resisted. Like Manchu Manoj in Tollywood, even Vikram likes to do his stunts on his own. Moreover, he even has touch in Marshal arts too. So, he never steps back from danger.

For a particular scene in the Cobra movie, Vikram has to stay underwater for some time with his hands and legs tied up with a rope. He has relieved the whole crew by completing the stunt success fully without facing any problem. But the director said it was an extremely risky stunt.

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