Deverakonda’s ‘do not try at home’ warning!

Do Not Try at Home says Vijay Deverakonda#BeTheRealMan

As we informed early, Koratala Siva who nominated Vijay Deverakonda for BE THE REAL MAN challenge, has already told everyone what his mother thinks of him.. so, instead of doing household work, he said he ll post a video of how his day looks like in quarantine.
Today, he has completed the challenge and hence proved to BE THE REAL MAN. But what was cute is, Vijay who woke up at 11 45 am has warned people not to try this at their homes – he did so because his parents are chill 😂 Before we ruin it for you, you have a look at his day yourself!!

Hmm, this is how Rowdy boy’s day looks like in this lockdown period.. spending quality time with his family! Such a family boy, we tell you!!!
And the challenger, Koratala Siva after watching his video has blessed VD by saying “👍🤗. ilaage chestu veedu pillodu kaadu peddavaadu ayipoyadu ani amma tho twaralo anipinchukovalani🙏😀”.
Vijay has further passed the challenge to his Gemini Ganeshan, Dulquer Salmaan!!

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