Venki Mama Decides Not To Shoot

Corona virus spread is on rage in this country. Not all can sustain without working for a long time. But if one is going out, that means they are putting themselves in danger. The same applys to the fancy world Tollywood too.

The producers and the actors who are daring to work in the crisis are definitely at a life risk. That is why many actors especially the elder ones are worried to resume to work as many small screen actor who started shooting were infected by the virus.

The latest buzz is that even hero Venkatesh decided not to work till next year. As the virus is spreading like fire, the thinks it is wise to stay home to be safe in these testing times. According to the sources, it is understood that the actor is planning to come back in the post Sankranthi schedule.

Venki mama is presently in the middle of the ambitious project ‘Narappa’. He is also committed to do F3 the sequel of the famous F2 movie.

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