Upasana takes Fashion a step forward!

Upasana takes Fashion a step forward!

Hero Ram Charan’s wife Upasana is a people’s person. she actively engages netizens with her social service and health tips. She also has a You Tube channel and she often posts videos on healthy and tasty food recipes, yoga and other health tips. She actively takes part in awareness programmes of the citizens and as a part of it itself she spoke about the importance of Indian style toilets recently.

Upasana Kamineni lately fashioned herself with a dress made from Textile scrap and defected condoms. She took over to social media, fashioning the dress and said that it is suitable for future trends. Its gotta be told that she rocked that outfit like no one else could. Also the fashion designer should be appreciated for his talent and dress Upasana wore did nowhere looked like make out of scrap.

The Mega daughter in law should also be appreciated for the bold step she took to introduce her unique idea to everyone.


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Sustainable Fashion is the Future ! Dare to wear Scrap ? #covid19 reboot #Repost @cancelledplans.club ・・・@avigowariker @upasanakaminenikonidela giving us #AngelVibes in this custom Cancelled Plans outfit. Our mandate from Upasana was to create something entirely from waste. We got lucky and were able to source some textile scraps and rejects from local designers which were crucial in the construction of the garment. #Madefromwaste Custom Latex Skirt (made from defected condoms), Organza top and tank (made from textile waste). . . . #madefromwaste #neverawaste #celebstyle #slowfashion #sustainablefashion #elegant #ethereal #white #fashion #style #inspo

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