This is how Srikanth came on board for Narappa

Suresh Babu Daggubati is one of the successful filmmakers in the South film industry. He is not just an intelligent producer but also a perfect businessman. Carrying the legacy of his father, Movie Mughal Dr. D Ramanaidu, Suresh Babu is someone who never misses out a chance to prove his worth at the box-office, with some interesting films. Here is an interesting observation about him in the filmnagar currently.

Suresh Babu is someone who takes part in the story discussions too. He gives the go-ahead call to the shoot only if he is satisfied with the script. Apparently, producers usually run after the directors who are in success but the producer is different. If he knows the director is talented but in flops, he extends a helping hand so that he can have control over the project too, which is not possible when a hit director is driving the project. That’s how Srikanth Addala came on board for Narappa when he can have any other hit director to steer the wheel. Hope this formula helps him in achieving many more hits.

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