Bollywood Actor Tested Corona Positive

Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar tested corona positive

It is a known fact that Maharashtra is in an alarming COVID situation right now and it is scaring the whole nation. A shocking news outbreaks today that the Bollywood actor Kiran kumar is tested corona positive lately. It seems that actor Kiran Kumar visited general hospital as he felt ill and unfortunately was tested Corona positive. He is presently isolated from his family and self-quarantined in his home in Mumbai.

Mumbai is turning very dangerous with raising rate of Corona virus affected people. few other Bollywood figures like Singer Kanika Kapoor and even Senior Producer Boney Kapoor’s Attendants were tested Positive.

Singer Kanika’s case created a havoc as she attended a function to which VIP Politicians have also attended few days before she was tested positive. It was such a pain for the medical department to test everyone who gathered in that function back then. Fortunately, it did not create much damage as most of the people were tested negative there.

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