Telugu Industry stands together to #KillFakeNews

Vijay Deverakonda speaks out for the false accuses dumped on his by few Gossip websites. He got upset when few websites accused him for manipulation of Middleclass Funds even after he organized it with utter transparency. He felt it was very cruel to misinterpret his accountability. It feels sick when you hard work is dragged into controversy.

Well, Vijay did not think this is something that could be ignored. So, he addressed the issue on the internet. He uploaded a video explaining what happened to him. He mentioned each and every accusement made against him and gave a strong answer to them. Taking this as an opportunity he explained the public how thedeverakondafoundation and Middleclass funds work. He gave a solid punch on the faces of fake news websites.

Surprisingly, all the big actors, directors, producers responded to the issue Vijay Deverakonda has raised in his support. Super star Mahesh Babu, Mass Maharaj Raviteja, Rana Daggupati, Allari Naresh, RX100 fam Karthikeya, Directors- Harish Shankar, Vamsi Paidipally, Krish and more tweeted saying fake news is not normal and has to be stopped. They all are proud of Vijay Deverakonda for raising his voice against the fake news.

Mahesh babu posted solid statement talking about the struggle they undergo to be a faithful hero and to reach all their fans expectations. And all their pain is going in veins because of this fake news.

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