Tamannah’s protest against animal abuse

Tamannah's unique protest against animal abuse

The whole nation was shook by the tragedy took place in Kerala few days ago. A pregnant elephant strolled into a village of Karala in search of food. Few men in the village fed her with a pineapple filled with fire crackers just to fool around. The fireworks exploded in her body and died standing in a river. This brutal act trenched many hearts and everyone demands justice for that pregnant elephant.

Tollywood’s Milky beauty Tamanna too got effected by the incident. The heroine took to Instagram and shared a unique photo protesting the animal abuse. Be it a human or an animal, no one deserves the pain of abuse. We have been taking their innocent lives for many of our selfish reasons but in this particular case her death did not have any good reason.

“Your silence will not protect you. Doesn’t every life matter, be it human or animal? Muting any form of creation is against the universal law. We must unlearn and learn how to be human againagain, express compassion and love” Wrote the actor on her Instagram page.

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