Tamannaah Thinks Her Movie Is Ignored?

Milky beauty Tamannah is quite busy with few interesting projects in her hand. She is even doing a web series in Tamil on recent.

It is evident that this beauty has worked for a woman oriented movie ‘That is Mahalakshmi’ long ago. The heroine has built high hopes on this movie as the original of this movie ‘Queen’ is a block buster. She even thought this movie could create scope for more woman centric scripts to reach her. But for the unknown reasons, the project has not got released yet.

The director of ‘That is Mahalakshmi’ Prashanth Varma has moved on with his other projects but not concentrating on the release of this movie. The director on the other hand is enjoying the success of his new release ‘Kalki’ and is planning for few more interesting projects.

According to the sources, the actress is very upset of Prashant Varma for not releasing the movie yet.

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