Sushant’s Death Leaves Everyone In Shock

Bollywood young hero Sushanth Rajput is no more. The film industry has not yet recovered from Irfan khan and Rishi Kapoor’s departing and is shook by another tragedy of Sushanth’s death. The 34 year old actor was reported committing suicide at his residence in Bandra. The reason behind his dreathful decision.

Sushanth was a rising hero in Bollywood. He bagged many block buster hit movies like MS Dhoni, Kedarnath, PK and Chichore. Many adore him and Krithi sanon as a pair on the screen.

Actors Vicky Koushal, Amitab Bachchan, Samantha and more are expressing their grief on the social media. There are many posts going around in the internet with #RIP Sushanth and many feel sorry for him and the circumstances he has faced for him to take this helpless decision.
Few others are remembering his Chichore movie which is an anti suicidal story in this tragic irony.

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