Superstar Suggests This For Everyone

It’s been three months since the pandemic broke and put everyone in terror. Though the government has given relaxations to the lockdown, people are still staying home with the fear for Corona Virus.

Even the ever busy Tollywood is staying home be be safe from the virus attacks. All the movie stars are entertaining their fans via social media. The celebs are sharing perks from there happily spent family time. They even come on live sessions and interact with their fans. Even the fans are enjoying the direct interaction with the movie figures.

Recently, Super star Mahesh Babu took to Instagram and shared his excitement for the popular web series ‘Dark’. It is the web series available in Netflix which trending highly bon social media. Many memes on it are popping up on it as netizens feel the show is confusing yet interesting.

Now, it is evident that even Mahesh Babu is binge watching ‘Dark’ on Netflix. He is so impressed with the web series that he suggest’s all his fans to watch the series in their quarantine time and relax.

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