Super Star Gives This Couple A Priceless Gift

Tollywood Super star Mahesh babu proved many times that he is a man with golden heart. He understands the power he has as a prominent figure in TFI and started doing message oriented movies. They are well received by the youth too.

Not just it but this hero is very considerate about his Charities. Very few know that Super Star Mahesh babu has helped the couple Kunche Pradeep and Maja Jyothi with arranging a heart surgery for their one month old baby. This has happened on May 31.

The doctors kept the baby in the observation for a while and gave a report on on his health condition today. It was reported that the baby is fully recovered and all healthy now. Today is a big day for the couple and the hero. All the Mahesh babu fans are very proud of their hero.

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