Star Maker Stands Alone And Blamed

Bollywood star producer Karan Johan has well established himself as brand in the movie market and launched many star kids. Though he was been pointed out for nepotism and being biased towards star kids, the intensity of the hatred he is receiving now a days is on a higher level. And this is due to the talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s recent death.

Lately the sources inform that Karan Johar is on his own as this controversy reached the peaks. It is evident that no stars or star kids are showing their concern to him as anyone standing by his side will also be in big trouble at this time. Karan Johar has become the big target for the netizens as he is potrayed and in a way is the flag barrer of nepotism in Bollywood. The netizens to expose him, are displaying the clippings from his talk show ‘Koffee with Karan’ where he insulted Sushant Singh Rajput on purpose. The revolt doesn’t stop there. People are very angry with him and are boycotting his movies.

Let’s see how can Karan handle all this havoc on his own….

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