Star heroines take Lockdown rule to trash

In the times where everyone is staying home for safety for self and the country, some of the star heroines are taking the lockdown rules for granted. Most of the celebs are being so careful and responsible as they know they are crucially influence the society. Where many of the actors are becoming ideals for the youth by doing all the social work, these star heroines act like there in no lockdown at all.

Actor Poonam Panday very recently got arrested in Mumbai for getting on the roads for no valid reason. And few days back, Kananda heroine Sharmila Mandre took a fun ride in her Jaguar injured herself. There are few other celebs who are travelling domestically on charted flights and choppers for no serious reason. In the present situation where many labour unable to reach their families living far away in villages, this sort of behaviour for the celebrities brings an unpleasant vibe.

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