Srimukhi Would Do Anything Except This

It is a fact that even the Small screen has a cut neck competition in glamour between the new generation anchors. The three girls, Anasuya, Rashmi and Srimukhi are dominating the world of anchoring lately. Even Srimukhi has set her irreplaceable image in the small screen.

On the other hand, the fame Anasuya and rashmi have had introduced them to the Tollywood too. Srimukhi too got into movies but not that often we can see her on big screen. However she is ready to do any role if the story is good.

In one of her recent interviews, she said she could do anything but one. That is she said she can not show her fans where is her house for her own good reasons. Well, in the earlier days, the public used to not have access to get the information about the celebs, but it have become very easy to trace anyone out. But maybe the trend is changing.

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