Sonu Sood’s funny reply for a Liquor request

Sonu Sood’s funny reply for a Liquor request


On reel villain, Sonu sood is winning everyone’s hearts by helping Migrant labours reach their home from Mumbai lately. He became a hero in many people’s lives by arranging transport for them to move from Mumbai and get back to their loved once.

He is being available to the needy in all means. So, recently a drunkard fan of Sonu had a crazy request for him on Twitter. “Sonu bhai, I’m stuck in my house. Help me reach a liquor shop,” asked the fan. To which the actor replied hilariously saying “Bhai, I can help you return home from the shop. Let me know if you need that.” This dangerous villain tickled the bone of netizens with his hilarious yet caring reply to the crazy guy on the Twitter.

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