Sonu Sood Rescues A Poor Father

These testing times have brought the humanity back in most of us. Even the celebrities came down to help the needy seeing the worsening situations. Many actors have done their part helping the poor with supplying food and essentials to them. But Sonu Soon’s service was outstanding of all of these as he dedicated himself from past 4 months in migrating the labour who wanted to go to their home town. He even airlifted many students stuck in helpless places.

The actor is in news again as he decided to do something unconditional for once again. The story of a poor father who sold his cow to buy a smart phone for the sake of his children’s studies has touched everyones hearts. But after getting to know this incident the actor made a sensational tweet which read, “Let’s get this guy’s cows back. Can someone send his details please.”

After all this everyone has an idea on what’s going to happen next.

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