Social Message By Celebrity?

“Hey you going out?, then do me a small favor” says our very own actress Kajal. Though this favor is not for her but for the people around you who are struggling to even get the basic necessities of life. Due to the present Covid-19 situation everyone should be cautious toward one self and even more cautious towards the kids and elderly in their household says the Government. They said that the elderly and kids should be restricted and restricting themselves from going out in the present situation. Therefore Kajal is requesting the people to take care of the elderly around them.” I have to go out of my house frequently due to my professional life , I always greet the senior citizens in and around my apartment , makes sure they are doing alright and provide them with whatever they need. I make sure I do this everyday, in this kind of a situation you should also try to provide a feeling of reassurance to the secior citizens around you by interacting with them more often.” Added Kajal.

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