She Is Going To Play Lead Role

As Vakeel Saab is the come back movie of Power star Pawan Kalyan, everyone has high expectations on this movie. Even the director, Sriram Venu is very keen about the facets of the movie and made necessary changes to uplift the craze for the Power star. It is heard that this ambitious remake will much different from it’s original ‘Pink’.

The director also added a main heroine too in Vakeel Saab just for commercial aspect which Pink movie never had. But the team is facing difficulties in finding the heroine as Shruti Haasan showed disinterest in the in this project in the last minute.

The latest update is that the Milky beauty Tamannah is considered for this glam role alongside Pawan Kalyan. There was a time when Tamannah was a blue eyed girl in the industry but now, the attention of the movie makers has shifted to other new comer now a day. She is still getting special songs in Star heroes movies but not full length lead roles. So, this beauty might say yes to the camoe role in Vakeel Saab.

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