Sekhar Kammula provides refreshment for Sanitation Workers

Director Sekhar Kammula provides refreshment for Sanitation Workers In Hyderabad and Karnool town.

Sensible director Sekhar Kammula always stands up issues pertaining to the society. In this Corona virus lockdown, along with doctors and police, even sanitation workers risking their lives. So Sekhar has come up with an initiative to provide refreshments for the sanitation workers.

“Watching sanitation workers toiling it out continuously in the hot summer is really heart breaking. Areas in and around Gandhi hospital seem like war-zones and sanitation workers are our foot soldiers. Hundreds of them are relentlessly working in the red zone areas, hot spots and hospitals, risking their lives. We really can’t thank them enough,” said Sekhar.

Adding, “To beat the heat, we arranged for a cold drink (butter milk or Badam milk) from Vijaya Dairy for 1000 sanitation workers in this area for a period of one month. Vijaya Dairy company agreed to provide
the products for a subsidized price. The GHMC North Zone supervisors took up the challenge of distributing the drinks to each one of their workers at their respective work areas by 11 am every morning. It’s been a week that we started this program and its working really well,” said Sekhar and thanked GHMC.

Also extending the same program to Kurnool Municipal Corporation,Sekhar said we want to keep going.“If anyone/group/students finds this interesting and wants to reach out, pool the money. Identify a Vijaya dairy or its equivalent in your town. Get in touch with the relevant municipal corporation supervisors and try to support sanitation/migrant workers,” summed up Sekhar Kammula.

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