Satya Dev Ruling The Digital World

With the crisis snatching away the freedom of cinema theatres, the OTT platforms took like an ideal decision to many movie makers. Especially the small movies are fdoing good with the OTT concept. On the other hand with the huge level of content requirement, the OTT platforms too are not thinking twice to offer big money to the movie makers.

The latest buzz in the T town is that the young hero Satya Dev is definitely ruling the world of OTT. His new movie ’47 days’ was released in Zee5 for a good deal. It is heard that the hero is getting ready to release his next movie ‘Uma Maheshwara Ugra Rupa’. Surprisingly the OTT giant Netflix has bought the movie for whooping 5.2 crores. Yes, it is definitely a big amount for a low budget movie like that.

The thing is the movie is directed by ‘C/O Kancharapalam’ director Venkatesh Maha and was bankrolled by the Bahubali producer Shobu Yerlagadda. With so much good will, Netflix couldn’t step back

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