Samantha chooses new route!

Samantha, known as the most gorgeous heroine of T-town has played many glamorous roles for most of her career. As she gained more reputation, she started looking for heroine oriented movies and successfully impressed everyone with her action and pure talent being a center of the film.

Sam is also going to be seen in sequel on a hit web series ‘Family man 2’ in this year. There is another buzz on the internet that she is going to work with Maithri Movie Makers soon. Sam has already worked with this banner twice. And it is said that Maithri team have booked her days while she was working with them. The talk is they got three women-centric stories ready for Samantha. She would go through them and select the project as soon as the lockdown is lifted. She already accepted a movie of same goner with Sony Picture Productions. So, definitely there will be more women-centric movies from Samantha in near future.

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