Sadak 2 Team In Their Way To Encash Actor’s Illness

Bollywood is one of the biggest film industry with cut neck competition among the stars. This is one of the reasons Bollywood is known for it’s dirty fights and cold wars between the stars.

Now the Sadak 2 has taken is situation to another level. This movie stars, Alia Bhutt, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Sanjay Datt. Now we all know that Sanjay Datt is unwell and the sources say that the actor is suffering from lung cancer.

On the other hand the Sadak 2 team is using the star’s health condition to get their promotions done. We all are aware of the burning issue effecting nepotism in Bollywood. Now, Sadak 2 having the main target Alia Bhutt in this movie and Mahesh Bhutt involved in this project, the trailer of this movie is receiving lot of hate on Social media. In fact it is the only video that received so many dislike in YouTube.

So, the team Sadak 2 is using the illness of the star Sanjay Datt to gain some sympathy among the audience. Let’s see how far will this stunt for promotion works for them.

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