RGV’s Heroine On Demand!

The most controversial director of Telugu film industry is once again in spotlight for many reasons. He the only film maker actively working and even releasing his movies in this Corona period. He has released his move Climax featuring adult star Mia Malkova and released it in his online theatre. He even has few movies lined up to get released in his theatre too.

He recently released a trailer of his next movie ‘NNN’ with a naked women running in slow motion in a house. As there is no sensor for the internet contents, he is the boss. So, his heroine Sweety has got a huge demand on the social media. Many people are asking for her details. So, the team created a Twitter account for her and presented it to her fans.

Sweety tweeted that it was great working with the director Ram Gopal Varma and looking forward for another movie. Even RGV replied for it saying he will plan for another movie with her and the title would be ‘Sssweety’.

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