RGV’s Bhayam on cards

The most controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is very much famous for his horror movies way before he became pro of controversies. RGV had a great market at once and he took a break and started to mess up with people’s opinions on social media. He is generally looks at life in a different dimension which might differ from most of our mind sets.

This director is lately concentrating on making movies again. He recently got appreciated for his trailer of his new movie ‘Corona Virus’ as he was bold enough to make a movie showing raw reality we are facing right now. the new buzz on the Internet is that RGV is planning on making a sequel of one of his super hit horror movies ‘Dayyam’ and the sequel will be named as ‘Bhayam’. He revealed his interest on dark stuff in one of his recent interviews. So guys, get ready for some terrific horror!

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