Rashmika feels lockdown is a boon!

Rashmika emotional note on this lockdown

Most of the youngsters stay away from their families most of the time. They get so busy in making their career and miss their valuable time with their parents and siblings. And acting is one of the professions that takes off most of your personal time. Now, the Corona virus has made everyone sit at home leaving no other option.

‘Sarileru Nekevvaru’ beauty Rasmika Mandanna expressed how relieved she is in these Corona holidays in Social media. Her life was a race with a no finish line she said, and it is been so long staying at home for these many days she said. Looks like she is very happy for getting this break from her work. She even wrote an emotional note on this lockdown on her Instagram.

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Since I was 18 my life has always been like a marathon and just when I thought I reached the finishing point they race would begin again.😂😂 I'm not complaining 🐒 this what I always wanted. 🙈 To be frank I have not stayed home for this long time in my life…From school to higher education I was always in a hostel. I often thought that my parents were too strict but that was just the teenage me who was a rebel. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈 I remember the days my mom stayed up with me through the nights on sets during shoots, my dad making ends meet to spend some quality time with family and my lil sis trying to cope up with everything happening around her♥️♥️ During this lockdown I have spent more than 2 months at home which is super long and the best part is we don't talk much about work and all they care about is me. They give me the strength to deal with everything and this is my happy space…♥️ I never thought I would feel this calm, happy and at peace staying home but trust me, family is home and you are lucky if you come back home after a long day of work and feel soo at peace! ♥️

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