Ram Miryala Launched ‘Pailam Pilaga!’ First Look Poster

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Chiranjeevi has fans, Balayya Babu has fans, Amitabh has fans, Rajan has fans, Sachin has fans, Dhoni has fans. But does Ambani have any fans? There is one, his name is Shiva…. He is 21 years old. Ara Veera is a fan of Ambani. Their job is not agriculture, they hope to earn thousand, not crores, not thousands of crores by doing business. He will get a chance to earn crores in the house of good luck and bad luck. But the ant found an elephant as food. He didn’t pick it up and put it in the nest, he didn’t eat it. In the meantime, the comical satirical movie ‘Pailam Pilaga!

A comic satirical film tells the story of a middle-class young man, Padma Vyuhapu, who could not do worthless agriculture, migrated and became a corporate slave, became an entrepreneur and created jobs for ten people, and dreamed with enthusiasm of earning lakhs and crores of Ambani’s. Pilam Pilaga!’

Produced by Happy Horse Films Ramakrishna Boddula, SK. Produced by Srinivas and directed by Anand Gurram, ‘Payalam Pilaga!’ The poster/first look of the film was recently unveiled by the students at the Ram Miryala Music Concert held at KL University, Vijayawada. Innovative and funny, this first look aroused the curiosity of the students.

Pilla Pilagadu web series fame Sai Teja as the hero, Pushpa fame Pavani Rashan as the heroine, Dubbing Janaki, Movie Sreenu, Mirchi Kiran and others acted in this film. Ram Miryala, Chitra and Shravani Bhargavi have sung six songs in this film with music provided by Chaurasta Yashwant Nag. Camera Sandeep Baddula, Editing Ravi Teja Kurmana, Stylish Harika Potta, Lyrics Anand Gurram, Akkala Chandramouli, Executive Producer Santhosh Wadna worked as producers of this film Pilaga Krishna Masunuri, Ravi Washington, Vijay Gopu.