Ram Get Convinced For OTT Release?

The Corona virus has helped the OTT platforms to pick up the business. As the future of the cinema theatres is still indefinite, even the actors and the ace movie maker are leaping into this online content.

On the other hand the producers who have their movies readybin their hands do not want to suffer the crisis. Taking advantage of the competition between the digital platforms, the producers too selling their movies for a high price. Few big movies like ‘V’ and ‘RED’ refused for an online release as they had high expectations on the projects.

But the latest buzz in Tollywood is Ram Pothuluri’s new movie RED is getting ready for an OTT release. Amazon Prime has already reached the team earlier but it is not sure if the deal was fixed. If this news is to be believed, Ram movie is going to be the first Mass movie to come out on digital platforms.

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