Rakul To Follow Sam’s Route!

We all are aware that the Tollywood’s top heroine Samantha is into gardening now a days. In one of her interviews she said that she started gardening as she always wanted to try something new apart from acting, just for the sake of hobby. She found this Corona holidays as perfect occasion to adopt gardening. She even installed a terrace garden and grew plenty of greens with the help of Urban Kisan.

On the latest, the actor has nominated her co worker Rakul Preet Singh to do the same. Rakul recently took to social media to showcase her own terrace garden now. The actress is growing her daily dose of greens like Spinach, Parsley, Basil and more for her salads.

As we all know, Rakul is a fitness freak. She is the first one to get out of the house for some fresh air and stretches after the lockdown was removed. As she gives so much priority for her health, she is more than happy for installing her own garden. She also thanked Samantha for nominating her to grow this garden.

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