Rakul Plays Her Childhood Games Again…

Everything feels good when we are with our family. But who were free enough to spend some time with our families? In the days where family time is getting least preference, the busy world pauses all at once. Yes, this is one positive thing that happen due to lockdown. We are all able to make friends with our family members. After all they are the true supporter of what so ever we are today. On the other side of the coin, we got surplus amount of time in our hands making us wonder what to do.
Meanwhile, Rakul Preet came up with a great idea to turn this lockdown into fun time. She started playing all the childhood games with her sweet brother Aman Preet Singh.
Rakul post a video of her playing childhood games like indoor Kabaddi, Dog and Bone, and more with Aman. It was so refreshing to watch them play all our favorite childhood games.

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