Rakul Entertains with Her cooking skills

Tollywood beauty Rakul, recently started her You tube channel after giving it a long thought. She would fill her channel Celebrities, Exercises, Food, Gossips and lot more. This YouTube channel is not exclusively for lockdown. She will be posting interesting content in the channel after lockdown too. Well, it is a great opportunity for her fans to peep into her daily activities.

We also know that Rakul runs her own fitness centre ‘F45’ which open for many everyone who wants to get in good shape. So, through this channel we can expect many tips and coaching from our very own Rakul Preet Singh. But for now, this beauty has posted a video on making Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. A tasty dessert that won’t cross your diet limits.

It is not promised that she would be posting videos constantly as other youtubers do. But who wouldn’t wait eagerly for Rakul Preet’s You Tube videos?

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