Puri Finds New Ways To Entertain

This Corona attack on the world has two types of effects on the people. The ones who are infected are having a tensed life and even the others are also forced to inherit new rules of living i.e. staying home to be safe and wearing mask if going out. Also, social distancing is a bit of a task to implement.

On the other hand everyone is getting lot of free time to spend with their families and start up with new hobbies. Especially the movie figures are trying their best not to loose their fans interest. The ace director Puri Jagannadh is known for doing something new and interesting.

As everyone is being active on social media, this maverick director has started Podcasting on his social media handles. It seems like the director is taking up unique topics to discuss on and spread knowledge. After listening to Puri podcasts everyone is talking about his intellect. As usual Puri Jagannadh is the game changer.

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