Proud to have narrated in Discovery channel:PrakashRaj

Proud to be Part of Discovery channel:PrakashRaj

How many of you still enjoy watching wildlife in Discovery channel? I used to be such an amusement to watch all the wild animals and know their lifestyle by just sitting in your living room in childhood. And the big cat’s hunt for their food is a horror movie for most of the children. Yet, everyone enjoys the beautiful acts of the wild animals. They even show us the animals we rarely encounter and tell about their life and neighborhood. Overall it is an edutainment to the kids and adults too.

Narration of the story is the vital for these programmes. It is the voice behind the screen that keeps the audience hooded with the programme. For the very first time cinema actor Prakash Raj is going to narrate the wildlife stories in the Discovery Channel. We all know that Prakash Raj has a very good diction and a base voice which is why is a perfect choice for the Discovery channel. He is taken for the Discovery Kannada and his narration well be available in three languages – Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. You can catch him on Discovery Kannada at 6pm from 5th June’20. The actor is very proud to be a part of the wildlife this way. Also, Super star Mahesh babu displayed his appreciation and support to his wo worker Prakash Raj through Twitter.

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