Prayanam Heroine Got Jr NTR’s Back

Bollywood hero sushant Singh Rajput’s death had a big impact on Nepotism in film industry. As many of the netizens believe that Sushant was suppressed by Star kids and Nepotism in Bollywood, the whole film industry is in havoc now. The most effected people were Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar. Their followers on social media dropped drastically.

This agony in social media is also effecting Tollywood stars too. Recently Prayaanam heroine Payal Ghosh supported Jr. NTR when few netizens targeted the hero for being a product of nepotism. She backslapped them saying he maybe a product of nepotism but he stands in the place where he is in the industry, because of his hard work.

Payal Ghosh though was introduced as a heroine to the Tollywood, she didn’t get enough recognition with her first film Prayanam

. She later appeared as a support character in Jr. NTR’s Oosaravilli movie. She also mentioned that she regrets for leaving Tollywood so soon as Mumbai is a hell.

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