Power Star fans Slay the Social media!

Power star Pawan Kalyan fans take over the social media with Gabbar Singh clippings. No, it isn’t Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. But his super hit movie Gabbar Singh has completed its 8 years. As many of the celebrities themselves are Pawan Kalyan’s fans, the social media is buzzed with Gabbar Singh 8 years completion celebrations.

Gabbar Singh director Harish Shankar, one of the die heart fans of Kalyan babu, promised all the Pawan kalyan fans that he would give them an unforgettable movie and as he said, he has given Pawan Kalyan a great come back movie. He has set a trend to the further movies in Pawan’s career. Meanwhile, Kalyan babu’s fans created a record by posting 10.6 Million and plus tweets on twitter celebrating 8 years of Gabbar Singh. “it feels like the movie release date” tweeted Harish Shankar.

Tollywood Rockstar DSP has posted his ‘Gabbar Singh title song’ performance which was a sensation 8 years ago as a surprise to Pawan Kalyan fans. The josh overall the social media creates a festive mode.

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