Pooja Hegde Missing Ramzan Specials

Hyderabad majorly enjoys Ramzan celebrations every year. Especially old city lits up with Night bazar and every typical Hyderabadi would die for the taste of Haleem. Well, all the festivals including Ramzan are celebrated in low key this year and like everyone else Ala Vaikuntapuramlo heroine, Pooja Hegde is missing Ramzan’s traditional food.

As her present project Prabhas20 got halted Pooja is liking to be active on social media. Recently she took to Instagram and updated her story with few flavoursome food pictures quoting “Majorly missing the Haleem you get in Hyderabad during Ramzan time”. It is very unfortunate that Hyderabad is unable to enjoy it favorite Ramzan dish Haleem this year because it is under lockdown and no restaurants are to be opened any sooner. Still, there are many home makers who are Haleem specialists. Let’s hope this bubbly girl is friends with an amazing Haleem cook and get to enjoy a bite of the most missed dish right now.

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