Pets Let These Actors To Bond Little More

Many people have a special place in their lives for their pets. They love them so much that their pets become a part of their families after a while. Many actors in Tollywood like Samantha, Tamannah, Nani, Sai Dharam Tej, Manchu manoj and others have pet dogs and are very fond of they. The pets occasionally pop up in their Instagram accounts too.

But the young heroes Manchu Manoj and Sai Dharam Tej have something interesting for us. Manchu hero Manoj took to Twitter this morning to say that both the heroes got their pet dogs on a date. Interestingly, they two pet a rare breed of dog called Husky. These dogs often look like a wolf and live in cold places. That is the reason it they are seldom found in India.

Now, fortunately, Manchu Manoj pets a female Husky and Dharam a male one. So, Manch hero funnily tweets that their pets are on a date today maintaining social distance. He is soon giving his daughter (Husky) to Sai Dharam Tej’s pet and soon he will be sending everyone the wedding cards of their pets. The hero share a cute pic of the two dogs hanging out with their owners in one frame.

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