Pawan Heroine shout at Bollywood Biggies!

There is a havoc in Bollywood as the death of young hero Sushant Singh Rajput resulted in Netzens blaming nepotism in the industry. Even the actors like Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu, Payal and Shraddha Kapoor are making noise on the injustice happened to Sushant, Komaram Puli heroine Nikesha joined the group.

This heroine took to Twitter and questioned the Bollywood biggies for not attending hero Sushant Singh Rajput’s final rites happened in his native, Patna. “I just have one question. Why did none of the big shots of Bollywood not attend #SushantSinghRajput last respects funeral? Where was humanity now! Too busy having lunch???” Nikesha tweeted.

The Star kids have already become targets for the memers in the social media. #boycottbollywood is in trend right now. Also many people are choosing to unfollow the Star kids on Social media handles as a protest against nepotism in Bollywood.

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