OTT Platforms Giving Life For Many Stars

There were many speculations on OTT platforms to dominate theatres and film making. And many debate on that point. In real, it might not replace the biggest industry but yes, it is definitely an alternative and a tough competition.

It is evident that most of the happening actors in Tollywood and Bollywood are dazzling in the web series now a days. Stars like Samantha, Tamanna, Hansika and more who are already playing a major role in film industry, are lored into OTTs. Even this pandemic has become an advantage to the OTT platforms.

Not just it, but the OTT platforms are helping the fade out glam faces to come back into the business. Recently the most missed beauty Sushmita Sen came back with the web series Aarya. Even Ramya krishna and many other senior actors are making a good career out of OTT platforms.

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