OTT platforms became parade for HIS movies

Online platforms became parade for RGV and his movies. 

When the whole film industry is worries about cinema theatres future, as the government is indefinite on their opening. But the is one director who is making the most of these testing times. There is one Telugu director who doesn’t care how less his budget is, how small his equipment is? Is just wants his content to reach his audience.
You might have got an idea by now about who are we talking here… Yes, it is the king of controversies, director Ram Gopal Varma. When all the other directors are breaking their  heads on how to release their movie and make profits in this corona season, RGV found his own way with swag.
Many by this time are aware that RGV started his own online theatres where people pay money directly to him to watch his films. He recently released his new film Climax in RGV world theatres. Audience paid him 100 rupees per view. Satisfied with his income he is planning to release his next movie too on the online theatre itself.
The director shared on Twitter that he finds this platform a new beginning to him. Looks like this online theatre is advantageous to RGV and his fans. This director is known for his controversial movies. On top of it he is even interested in make almost adult movies now a days. His recent projects Climax and Naked would have faced a hard time passing the sensors if it is a theatrical release. But now the online content seldom face that barrier. So, this promising controversial director is up with many more controversial content.
Soon he is going to release a movie ‘The Man Who Killed Gandhi’. Even mega brother Naga babu stepped into controversy by remembering Godse on his birthday. Now let’s see what extend of controversy will this movie reach…

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