Oders Given For Probe On Sushant’s Death

The young hero Sushanth Singh Rajput’s death is still not sinking to many of his fans. All the Bollywood feels sorry for the loss. It is very difficult to believe that a wonderful actor like Sushant is no more.

Even the actor’s family is in utter shock and unable believe his sudden dismise. Sushant’s father was in such a misery that he went speechless for some time. On the other hand the hero’s uncle RC Singh claims that it’s a murder. While the actors in Bollywood are positing on internet that Sushant suffered from depression from a long time, because of which he committed suicide.

Even the Mumbai police declared that it was a suicide after the post mattum reports have come. But his uncle stands strong on his opinion.

With all kinds of opposing opinions the Maharashtra government has ordered for a probe on Sushant’s death and promised his family that the reason behind the actor’s death will be revealed and justice will be served.

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