Nithin’s daring move!!

Nithin and Akhil were best buds at one point of time so much so that, Nithin even produced Akhil’s first movie ‘Akhila’ with high budget. The movie was a disaster and since then we have not seen them together or neither did we see them talking about each other.
Now, after almost some 5 years, the duo might come together playing the same roles as a producer and a hero. Nithin is on high note with the success of ‘Bheeshma’ and is now re-making ‘Andhadhun’ in telugu. Whereas, Akhil’s graph is not so great. He is trying so much but they are getting failed.
So, in this phase, Nithin came forward to produce for which Akhil has decided that he won’t take any remuneration from Nithin and do the movie free of cost.
The friend who helps in need of hour, is the actual friend!!

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