Nikhil Slams RGV With His Powerful Tweet

Ram Gopal Varma is and most probably will be the most controversial director Tollywood ever has. He is creating a storm in the social media with his new movie. One need not get surprised to find all the new movie saga is a big controversy.

RGV’s upcoming movie ‘Power Star’s has become the burning issue on the social media. Though many are opposing this controversial project of this director, he wouldn’t step back. According to the critics this movie will be based on the incidents happened in Power star Pawan Kalyan’s life after elections. The dare David director even released a song ‘Gaddi Tintava’ from his movie which is receiving lot of hatred from PSPK fans.

The thing is Power Star Pawan Kalyan is a massive personality who has tons of fans. There are very fewer people who do not like him. Even in the industry, many of the young heroes are Pawan Kalyan’s die hard fans. And one of them is hero Nikhil. The actor recently took to Twitter and compared RGV with a dog who is barking at a huge mountain like Pawan Kalyan. And said that Pawan wouldn’t even care about the things RGV says.

Generally director RGV makes a big joke out of the serious tweets like these. Let’s see if there will be counter part to Nikhil.

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