New Developments In Sushant Rajput Case

Bollywood Star hero Sushanth Rajput’s death is still a burning topic in Bollywood and in Social media. This happening Herb’s suicide came as a shock to everyone and hate against Nepotism and Movie Mafia have once again raised in the netizens as it was clear that the latter felt lonely in the industry from few of his old interview clipping.

Meanwhile, there is a police investigation going on this case as the here’s uncle feels Sushanth cause of death is a murder but not suicide. The investigation made it evident that Sushanth denied to work with many of the big banners like YRF, Sanjay Leela Bansali and more. The Police have grilled Sanjay Leela Bansali himself on 6th July. He said that Sushanth was supposed to be in the movie Ram Leela and Bhajirao Mastani but the actor himself denied the offers.

Now the Police is to concentrate on how did late Sushanth’s death take place. So, the sources say that the police have reached the actor’s home and collected the CC camera footage to know what exactly has happened.

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