‘Sagileti Katha’ trailer on 31st July

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Raviteja Mahadasyam, Vishika Kota new actors in Rajashekhar Sudmoon’s direction ‘Sagileti Katha’. Hero Navdeep, who is well known to everyone, presented this film in C- Space, jointly produced by Ashok Arts, Shade Entertainment. The film is ready for release after completing the post-production works.

Based on the dramatic events that take place among the characters in a village in the Rayalaseema region, they tried to reveal the emotions of each character realistically on the screen, while being influenced by the psychology of each character. This is a contemporary village drama, a story that revolves around the characters. After watching this movie, you will definitely travel with those characters for a few days. Each character will be very natural and have a unique style. There is also a chicken as a character in this.

“Chicken is not just curry or fry…chicken is an emotion”. In languages like Malayalam, Tamil, they have celebrated their culture and tradition by telling many stories in cinema form. Through ‘Sagileti Katha’, we will also celebrate the nativity, culture and tradition of Rayalaseema by seeing the situations that come in the form of story in our AP & Telangana.

In the past, Shade Studios produced the film ‘Kanabadutaledu’ under their Shade Entertainment banner. Shade Studios, who always support new people, have now produced ‘Sagileti Katha’ as their second film in a beautiful village backdrop with new actors and technical team.

Sagileti Katha is not just a movie. It is a dedication of all the emotions that exist in our lives. Every character will surprise you. Such movies are very rare. I consider myself very lucky to be the hero of this movie.

After watching this movie, Hero Navdeep said that he was proud to present his dedication to the audience. The trailer will be released on 31st of this month, the film unit announced.

The film was written, cinematographed, edited and directed by Rajashekhar Sudmoon.
Actors: Raviteja Mahadasyam, Vishika Kota
Producers: Ashok Mittapalli, Deviprasad Balivada
Executive Producer: Naresh Babu Maadineni
Music: Jaswant Pasupuleti
Background Music : Sanal Vasudev
Script: Rajashekhar Sudmoon Sashikant Billapati
Art Directors: Hemant G, Aishwarya Kulakarni
Lyrics: Varikuppala Yadagiri, Rajashekhar Sudmoon, Sashikant Billapati, Pavan Kundani
PRO: Tirumalasetty Venkatesh
Publicity Designer: M.K.S Manoj